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DOWNLOAD PSIPHON 4¬†How many times have you had a problem when you couldn’t access certain web-sites, because they are blocked in your country? Censorship is becoming a great problem for different countries, especially China and other Asian regions. Internet must be a place of freedom, so it is not fair to block information from people. That’s why over a million users from all over the world are using Psiphon in order to access the information that is not available due to the high level of censorship. It is time to bring the new freedom to the Internet.

Psiphon 4 is a secure tunnel, an operating proxy software, without any restrictions. It is licensed as freeware for Windows and also has several key features like choosing between tunneling modes, the whole device or just browser mode; useful statistical data, which tells you how much traffic have you used and it is completely free for personal use. Click Download and get Psiphon 4 today for free. Open the doors to the world of free information and free Internet.


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5 thoughts on “DOWNLOAD PSIPHON 4

  1. hussien

    Please I need to programd psiphone 4 and thank you

  2. alkadar

    me no need to use becouse i have all pshipon version….;)


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